One of the most requested services and the specialties of The Mednick Landscape Company is cleaning up clusters of Saw Palmetto that have become overgrown and messy. These areas can become overwhelming projects very quickly. And the best time to deal with them is during the winter…before the sub-tropical Florida summer begins and a situation that was already out of hand becomes a disaster.

Many people have yards that have been taken over by Saw Palmetto “Jungles”. The Palmetto that is so abundant along the treasure coast (saw palmetto) serves a lot of good purposes: it creates wind mitigation, provides shelter to a huge number of indigenous creatures, and it also provides berries that cure various medical issues. THAT being said, their decomposition creates fertile soil that promotes wild growth of various weeds, vines, and undesirable vegetation. These “bottom feeders” tend to be very opportunistic and aggressive/invasive with their growth…and need to be addressed as soon as possible.

Me personally, I go to a banker for my banking needs, a lawyer for my legal needs a doctor my medical issues. The Mednick Landscape Company does this kind of work every single day. We are experts who specialize in the removal of unwanted vegetation and invasive specimens. There is no need for you, who likely already works very hard all week long, to have to go out and use your precious weekend time to open up a big can of worms addressing an overwhelming project in the yard.

We are a very community oriented organization. We enjoy helping our neighbors, and helping to give them a yard that they find beautiful and get to enjoy with friends and loved ones. We also just loved Martin and Saint Lucie County…and find it a beautiful place to live. We enjoy the opportunity to “pay it forward” and utilize our skills to keep this place a little slice of heaven. It is such an amazing place with a beautiful ecosystem that is still relatively natural compared to South Florida.

We are working people, and a family operated organization with strong values and ethics. One of the reasons that people continue to come back to us is not only because of the quality of our jobs, but because of the way we treat people and our customer service. The bottom line is we want to ensure that all your needs are met, and make you happy. We work for you, and provide a service that you want. Our communication is thorough so that we can verify that we do the job how you want it and when we are off your property, you are fully satisfied. We also have fostered many friendships with people who we met as clients requesting our services, but remained social friends with because we just enjoyed the conversations we had so much…(we are very friendly to have at your property, and very much not a burden like some contractors can be).

Saw Palmetto Clearing Services in Palm City Florida

Furthermore, we do not break the bank. We know that times are tough and that things need to get done around the house. We specialize in brush clearing and have the tools and expertise needed to get the job done. We know that we can helpful and it makes us happy to do so and to do it at a fair rate. There is no need to spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars just to “take back your yard”. There certainly is labor involved, there is no doubt, but this is what we chose as a profession. At The Mednick Landscape Company, we know that “nature happens” and we can’t stop the weeds from growing. We view it as unfair and taking advantage of people if we charged some of the insane prices we see our competitors trying to extort from our neighbors and homeowners in the Treasure Coast.