Palm City Landscaping & Lawn Care Services

There’s no job too big or too small for us to take on.

Lawn Maintenance

At Mednick, our lawn maintenance services go above simple lawn mowings. While we do provide professional, routine lawn mowing schedules, our comprehensive lawn services include flower and tree mulching, shrub pruning, fertilization, aeration, and much more.

Lawn Care Fertilization

If you’ve been looking for the thick and green look to your lawn then have the professionals at The Mednick Landscape Company take care of you. We’ll provide a robust fertilization plan that includes weed prevention and aeration to help with the delivery of nutrients.


Look no further for your custom and professionally designed landscaping projects. Whether you’re looking for a complete mulching of your flower beds and trees, a new sod installation, or beautiful stone features, we have the expertise to bring the curb appeal to your home!

Cleanups & Clearing

Florida’s subtropical climate is home to many invasive species such as Brazillian pepper and Virginia creeper. When these start taking over your lawn, it can be a daunting task to get them removed. Our professional cleanup services will help you reclaim your lawn.

Lawn Maintenance

Routine Mowing

Our mowing program includes 38 routine and professional mowings that include edging and trimming over the course of 12 months to keep your lawn looking fresh and manicured.

Flower Bed & Tree Mulching

Proper mulching creates a barrier to prevent weeds from sprouting and settling nutrients from your flower beds and trees. We’ll professionally install mulch for optimal performance.

Shrub Pruning

Shrubs and small trees can give great character to your landscape, but if not maintained, can become eyesores. With our lawn maintenance services, we’ll keep your shrubs well groomed.

Lawn Care Fertilization

Lawn Fertilization

Our fertilization plans include a comprehensive, season-long plan that’s tailored to your yard. This is going to be the plan that gets your yard thicker and greener all season long.

Weed Control

Invasive weed species steal nutrients from wanted plants and grass. Our weed prevention and control practices keep weeds out of your beds.

Disease Prevention

A strong yard is a healthy yard. When weeds are prevented and your lawn has been properly fertilized with the correct nutrients and quantities, we can help prevent diseases that commonly plague Florida lawns.

Lawn Aeration

The strength of the root system is dependant on its ability to develop beneath the surface. Compacted soil can prevent roots from growing and receiving nutrients including fertilizer. With aeration, we remove plugs from your soil so compacted dirt can settle and stimulate root growth.


Landscaping Design & Install

Whether you’re looking for a simple flower bed or an extravagant landscape design, trust the professionals at The Mednick Landscape Company¬†

Flower Bed & Garden Designs

We take pride in transforming dreary flower beds and gardens into beautiful, eye-catching focal points of your home. We know our plants, what goes well together, and how to properly install and plant each shrub and flower.

Sod & Landscape Repair

Sod is a quick solution to bare sections to lawns that need healthy grass quick. Additionally, we specialize in repairing lawns damaged by water runoff, tire ruts, and high traffic patterns.

Stonework & Gravel

Adding the right stonework in and between your gardens and yard gives accents that transform your yard into a paradise. With our expertise, we’ll design and install rock features that add elegance and class to your landscape.

Cleanups & Clearing

Brazillian Pepper Removal

We meticulously remove Brazillian pepper from your landscape without using large equipment that can damage other sections of your lawn and landscape. The removal of one invasive species shouldn’t destroy other parts of your yard.

Brush Clearing

Overgrown brush on your property can make it difficult to navigate and can make it home to unwanted critters. We’ll help clear this out for you while also giving your area a well-manicured look.

Saw Palmetto Cleanup

If your yard has been taken over by saw palmetto, it can be a daunting task to clear it out. Despite its many benefits, their decomposition provides fertile soil for the wold growth of weed, vines, and undesirable vegetation. Contact us today to have your saw palmetto cleared out.

Seasonal Cleanups

The changing of the seasons is cause for cleanup as different plants, shrubs, and even weeds go in and out of dormancy. Our seasonal cleanups will get your landscape into shape for the upcoming season whether it’s preparing it for winter or bringing to life for the spring.

Why Choose Mednick Landscape?


When you’re landscape is in need of servicing, we’re quick and on time to get the job done. You won’t have to wait for 2 days just to get a reply to an email or voicemail. We care about your needs and understand you have a schedule too!


At The Mednick Landscape Company, we’re a blue collar service company with white collar cuffs. Just because we’re getting down and dirty doesn’t mean we have to look the part. Our account managers are professionally dressed and equipped.



We won’t leave you high and dry like other landscaping and lawn care companies. Like every good relationship, communication is of utmost importance to us. If we’re running late, we’ll reach out. If we notice something that needs taken care of, we’ll bring it to your attention.

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