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Complete Seasonal Lawn Care Fertilization Plans

Our Fertilization Program

 A routine fertilization plan is one of the most effective ways to cultivate a hearty landscape. The right fertilization practices and methods can help create a root system that thrives in even less-than-favorable environments.

However, it isn’t a one-and-done solution. A proper plan needs to be implemented throughout the year at specific times of the season. Our 6-step program provides your lawn with the proper nutrients at the right times while keeping invasive weeds and grubs away.

Fertilizing at the wrong times or with the wrong quantities can do more harm than good to your lawn and leave you to brown spots or thing grass.

The Mednick Landscape Company always keeps a keen eye out on your property during regular maintenance. We know your lawn inside and out and know exactly what is needed to provide the thick and strong grass you’re after.



Our fertilization plan has you covered through spring, summer, and fall to provide the right nutrients all year-round. We bolster lawns in the spring, nourish them in the summer, and prepare them for winter.

Weed Control

Our weed control and prevention practices keep invasive weeds out of your flower beds, trees, and shrubs, allowing your wanted plants to grow healthy without being robbed of nutrients.

Disease Prevention

When lawns and plants have nutrients restricted or stolen by weeds or extreme temperatures and weather patterns, they become prone to disease. We keep your landscape disease-free.

Lawn Aeration

Soil compaction caused by traffic patterns prevents grass from developing deep root systems which restricts the intake of nutrients. We aerate laws to loosen up the soil and promote strong root growth.

Related Services

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

A beautifully cultivated lawn needs to be routinely maintained to prevent overgrowth as well as damages caused by mowing too short or invading vegetation. Our lawn and landscape maintenance services takes care of this for you so you don’t have to.


In the market for a whole new landscape design and installation? Trust the professionals at The Mednick Landscape Company to bring stunning landscaping features to your yard that are sure to increase your home’s property value and curb appeal.

Cleanups & Clearing

We offer cleanup and clearing services to clean up landscapes to prepare them for winter or revitalize during the spring. We also make sure invasive species like Brazillian pepper don’t overtake your shrubs and landscape.

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