The process of aeration loosens up compacted soil that is preventing the lawn from thriving and biological efficiency.  The plugs not only loosen the soil by removing small pieces, but it allows the roots more room to expand.  It also facilitates better flow of water, oxygen, and nutrients from the surface to the root system.  When the soil beneath your lawn becomes impacted, it becomes much more difficult for that grass to thrive, and it becomes subject to a lot of different problems. 

The more traffic your lawn sees, the quicker the soil will become compacted to a level that is a potential problem (football fields are aerated monthly).  Even without heavy use, your lawn will still become compacted through the natural abuses it endures in extreme Martin County weather.  

(HINT: The Mednick Landscape Company recommends that most homeowners aerate their lawn once a year.  It is also a great opportunity to “top dress” the lawn with some new topsoil, and add organic matter and fresh nutrients to your lawn).