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Lawn Cleanup Services in Palm City Florida

When nature happens and does its own thing, it can get out of hand. Bushes, trees, and weeds can invade spaces and other vegetation they shouldn’t. When this happens, call the pros at The Mednick Landscape Company to cleanup your landscape!

Professional Lawn Cleanups to Revitalize Your Landscape

Professional Cleanups and Complete Clearings


If you live in Florida, you may have noticed our subtropical climate and the fact that your backyard grows with a tenacity that is hard to keep up with. The Florida ecosystem is an amazing thing, but it is one that includes a large variety of invasive plants that will literally take over your property.

┬áThere are a lot of outfits out there who have created jobs for themselves by offering “mow and blow” services. They are your typical lawn care company that mows grass and may provide a few other services. There are few, however, willing to put in the sweat and labor to offer the cleanup services that so many people in our community request. The large excavation companies won’t consider a job that is anything less than a 10-acre commercial gig and the smaller companies don’t want to do the work that a mower won’t do for them.

“Cleanup” services or light clearing and brush cutting is the Mednick Landscape Company’s bread and butter; our trademark service. We are one of the few providers who are willing to show up at your property, provide a reasonable bid, and attack your project so that you can have your property back to the way you once remembered it.

Brazillian Pepper Removal

With a tremendous root system, Brazillian pepper is known for taking over lawns and absorbing mos of the nutrients in the soil, causing grass and other plants to starve. It’s important to get these removed to maintain a healthy lawn. We’ll remove your Brazillian pepper the old fashion way, without the use of heavy machinery that could damage your lawn.

Brush Clearing

Clearing brush has many benefits. It can sharpen your landscape, make gaining access to areas of your property easier, and prevent wildfires. It can even help reduce future land clearing costs when the brush becomes too overgrown to and monopolizes the land. Contact us today for your free estimate on clearing out your unwanted brush!

Saw Palmetto Cleanup

Saw palmetto has its benefits but if not maintained can easily become overgrown and messy. If not properly maintained, saw palmetto clusters can become an overwhelming task to clear. Even worse, when this species begins to decompose, it creates very fertile soil for weeds and vines to grow. If you’re looking to take control of your saw palmetto situation, give the experts at The Mednick Lansdcape Company a call today!

Seasonal Cleanups

With the climate of Southern Florida, our seasonal changes provide different challenges in maintaining our landscape. We often let things go during the winter such as our shrubs, flower beds, and even debris. Our seasonal cleanup services prepare you for winter and revitalize your landscape for spring. We’ll edge your beds, add or reapply mulch, and remove any plants or weeds that have taken over your lawn during the winter.

Related Services

Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Keep your landscape from becoming overgrown again with our professional lawn and landscape maintenance services. We’ll not only maintain your lawn so it doesn’t become overgrown or need clearing, we’ll keep it manicured for the professional and healthy look all year long.

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Prevention

If your lawn had been invaded by Brazillian pepper or the invasive species the fertile soil resulting from saw palmetto, a strong lawn care fertilization and weed prevention plan may be the next best thing. We keep your lawn healthy and strong all season long while keeping weed out!

Landscaping Services

Once your landscape is cleared and cleaned up, it may be time to consider a new landscape feature like a new and elegant flower bed design or a retaining wall to surround that bed. Whatever feature you’d love to see, contact the pros at The Mendick Landscape Company.

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