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The Mednick Landscape Company is a lawn care and landscaping company based out of Palm City, Florida. We put the emphasis on building lasting relationships with our clients and providing professional work.

Proud, Proven, Professional

Local & Family Owned


Customer Relationship Focused

Our Story

Bringing personality to professional lawn care and landscaping in the Martin and Saint Lucie County areas.

In a time when too many service providers have become mere “for-profit” enterprises that come in, collect, and get out, The Mednick Landscape Company has taken notes from the way this family business has operated throughout the years. Through generations of the Mednick family business, it has been a point of pride that being a good company is more than simply being profitable. Numerous ties and friendships have been made between Mednick Company and our loyal clients, and it’s not just because we provide a good service at a fair price.

You will be able to notice the difference between a company that simply operates and a company who truly cares. The Mednick Landscape Company believes in leaving its foot tracks in the community and becoming a household name that is regarded with thoughts of fondness, dependability, and a big heart. Our philosophy is more that of being a “good neighbor” than it is of simply being a “for-profit” enterprise. We know from experience that when you go out of your way to develop these kinds of working friendships and care for the people around you, both sides receive their “dividends” when it is all said and done.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a “no-nonsense” approach with integrity and professionalism in all landscaping and lawn care services we provide. We are the landscaping company that cares for your yard as if it were our own.

Our Values

At The Mednick Landscape Company, we preach: “Proud-Professional-Proven”. We are proud of the professional services we provided and we have proven the caliber of work that we provide through always maintaining this philosophy. Our promise to you is that we are not only good at what we do but when dealing with The Mendick Landscape Company, you will be dealing with a service provider who believes in not only providing a service but doing so with integrity. We are your local, family owned and operated company that believes in community, helping out neighbors, and above all… being the helping hand you can count on and trust.

What we do

Landscaping, Property Maintenance, Full-Service Lawn Care


The Mednick Landscape Company takes pride in providing custom, elegant, and professional landscaping services in the Palm City area.

Lawn Care

We also provide comprehensive lawn care services. From professional maintenance of your lawn, trees, shrubs, and beds, to complete fertilization plans.

Cleanups & Clearings

Getting ready to prepare for winter or looking for revitalization for the springtime? We offer full-service seasonal cleanups from installing new mulch to trimming hedges back.

Such a great company! Alex returned my messages within a few minutes, came out the next day, and had the crew out working the very next! They did an amazing job on my completely overgrown landscape. I almost drove past my house because of the incredible transformation!

I called to have some general cleanup of our trees and hedges in our yard. Alex and team came the next day, performed the job and to my surprise our grass was also mowed! Talk about going the extra mile.

Alex and his crew are very nice and efficient. They get the job done and done right. I had a project that was hard to find someone that was willing to do. I’m so glad I went with Mednick as he took the job head-on. He did an amazing job. I couldn’t be happier!

We have used Mednick Landscape for almost 2 years and Alex and his team do a great job. Whenever I ask for something extra to be done or taken care of, they jump right on it!

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