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Palm City Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

The Mednick Landscape Company is the Palm City, Florida area premier landscaping and lawn care company. Our lawn and landscape services create beautiful curb appeal all year long.

Full Service Land and Acerage Maintenance

Full Service Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

There is a simple reality that we face living in Florida; Nature happens. When you notice a property with a beautiful landscape, there is a reason it looks so good. Manicured landscapes are the result of constant attention from people who are trained and earn their living caring for vegetative growth. Receiving occasional attention every other Sunday does not lead to lush landscapes when the Florida ecosystem is working hard every day.

Whether we originally designed and installed your landscape or not, The Mednick Landscape Company offers full-service landscape and lawn care maintenance of your property. We aim to not only maintain the original installations beauty but to enhance the property’s beauty as it matures.

As time goes on, we keep you informed about your property and any possible problems or suggestions we have made note of that should be brought to your attention. It is important to us that we create relationships which promote communication between ourselves and our clients so that we can best service the property and meet the clients’ needs.



38 Annual Lawn Mowings

We keep your grass at a consistent height all season long. Short enough to look well-groomed and professional, yet long enough for it to grow deep roots and become hearty and full.

Flower Bed, Tree, & Shrub Mulching

A key component to a well-maintained lawn is the quality and consistency of mulch in flower beds and around trees & shrubs. We provide professional mulching services that not only look beautiful but also keep weeds from taking root.

Trimming, Pruning, & Debris Removal

Your lawn isn’t the only thing that can grow out of control. Trees and shrubs have a tendency to become overgrown and look unkempt, especially in Florida. We make sure your shrubs and small trees are well-groomed all season long. We remove any debris that’s fallen from your trees as well.

Lawn & Tree Fertilization

Healthy lawn and landscapes don’t become thick and beautiful from routine maintenance. It needs proper nutrients and a growth plan. Our comprehensive seasonal fertilizer plan provides the right nutrients to stimulate growth for your grass and your surrounding trees.

Related Services

Lawn Care Fertilization

A well-maintenance lawn is the result of a well-grown lawn. Our lawn care fertilization program includes season-long lawn care fertilization that promotes growth, prevents weeds, and prevents insects and larvae from destroying grass.


If you’re looking for that “wow” factor, then look no further. The Mednick Landscape Company has years of professional experience designing, installing, and cultivating beautiful landscaping master pieces.

Cleanups & Clearing

Invasive species of plants and vegetation including weeds can put a damper on the look and health of your landscape. Our professional cleanup and clearing services remove these invasive species without the use of heavy machinery or harmful herbicides.

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